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About The Firm

About The Firm

New Firm, New Address
Hallman & Wingate, LLC arose from the former partnership of Decker, Hallman, Barber & Briggs.  After working together since 2002, Ed Hallman and Richard Wingate partnered in July of 2009, together with Richard Decker, of counsel, and Zach Wilson as associate, with a vision of establishing a boutique firm with a concentration on environmental law.
Hallman & Wingate has more than 40 years of experience in environmental law, including one of the first lawyers in the Southeast to specialize in environmental law.  We represent a wide range of clients from multi-million dollar corporations to rural Georgia farmers. Our environmental practice covers all aspects of litigation, permitting, regulatory compliance, and environmental issues associated with real estate and business transactions.
We are intimately familiar with federal and state environmental laws and have a well-established working relationship with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and numerous other state and local environmental agencies.
We represent clients in all areas of the country and internationally and manage environmentally impacted properties in several states around the country.

The attorneys of Hallman & Wingate have successfully argued many key issues before numerous state and federal courts, including the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, United States Court of Claims, United States Supreme Court, Georgia Court of Appeals, and Georgia Supreme Court, resulting in groundbreaking developments in environmental law. 
Hallman & Wingate also negotiates and manages complex business transactions, litigates corporate and individual claims, personal injury, and handles probate and estate matters.
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