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Firm Highlights

Firm Highlights

Hallman & Wingate Obtains $19,728,600 Jury Verdict Against Hustler Magazine

Lawsuit Filed regarding Massive Fish Kill on the Ogeechee River in South Georgia
King America Finishing, Inc. is the sole point source discharge of wastewater in the stretch of river at the beginning of the fish kill.

Petroleum Company Land Grab ... (read more)
Hallman & Wingate Partner Ed Hallman defends land owners against attempt to condemn land for pipeline.

The Gatekeepers ... (read more)
In a related summary of Dr. Lewis' court documents, Hallman & Wingate uncovers scientific misconduct designed to protect the sludge industry at all costs.

Federal judge orders Agriculture Department to compensate farmer ... (read more)
Contaminated fertlizer from a wastewater treatment plant killed cattle ... and livelihood of Georgia farmers.

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