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Environmental and Civil Litigation

Environmental and Civil Litigation

Hallman & Wingate’s attorneys have successfully litigated cases at every level of the federal and state court systems.  Approximately 50% of our practice is devoted to environmental and civil litigation in the probate, municipal, state, superior, and federal district courts.  We have recovered millions of dollars for clients that have been damaged by the negligence of others.  We obtained the first jury verdict in the United States proving that farmlands were contaminated by toxic sewage sludge.  Our administrative law practice won a decisive victory against the United States Department of Agriculture, who battled us fiercely for over five years.  We have defended dozens of landowners in condemnation cases, ensuring that their rights were preserved and that our clients obtained the maximum compensation for their divestiture.  Our relentless approach has been the key to victory in what appeared to be otherwise hopeless cases.
The firm has extensive appellate practice experience and has won many decisive victories in the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Georgia Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.  The appellate decisions obtained by our lawyers have established the rules of liability allocation for Superfund sites in the Southeast and have defined the statute of limitations for environmental contamination cases.  The firm was recently victorious in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in a lawsuit against Hustler Magazine for violation of our client’s right of publicity.  The United States Supreme Court declined to hear Hustler’s appeal, solidifying the decision as binding precedent in this circuit.
Selected experience:

Boyce v. Augusta, Georgia, Superior Court of Richmond County, Civil Action File No. 2001-RCCV-111
McElmurray v. United States Department of Agriculture, United States District Court, Southern District of Georgia, Civil Action File No. CV 105-159
Hoffman v. Atlanta Gas Light Co., 206 Ga. App. 727, 426 S.E.2d 387 (1992)
Redwing Carriers, Inc. v. Saraland Apartments, 94 F.3d 1489 (1996)
McElmurray v. August-Richmond County, 274 Ga. App. 605, 618 S.E.2d 59 (2005)
Toffoloni v. LFP Publishing Group, LLC, 572 F.3d 1201 (11thCir. 2009)
Elba Express Company, LLC v. Bounds, Superior Court of Wilkes County, Civil Action File No. 08-CV-0386

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