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Lawsuit Filed regarding Massive Fish Kill on the Ogeechee River in South Georgia

On Memorial Day Weekend a massive fishkill occurred on the Ogeechee River in South Georgia.  The Ogeechee River is one of the cleanest bodies of water in the southeastern United States, provides drinking water for thousands of individuals and provides miles of opportunities for recreational activities.  King America Finishing, Inc. is the sole point source discharge of wastewater in the stretch of river at the beginning of the fish kill.  Hallman & Wingate with co-counsel Hurt, Stolz & Cromwell, LLC, filed a class action lawsuit against King America Finishing, Inc. for destroying this pristine waterway.  The Firm is seeking recovery for damages to properties along the river and for persons who have suffered adverse health impacts from the release of toxic chemicals.  “This is a massive blow to the Ogeechee River eco-system,” said Richard Wingate, attorney for Hallman & Wingate. “We intend to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.”  If you or anyone you know has been impacted by this tragic event, please contact us immediately.
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