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Hallman & Wingate’s attorneys have vast experience in land use and zoning law in both advising municipalities and representing individuals with land use and zoning disputes.  Attorneys in the firm have served as counsel for multi-city zoning advisory boards and have successfully represented citizen groups to block improper and irresponsible development of property.  The firm has drafted and defended municipal ordinances designed to protect citizens from reckless and unchecked exploitation of community resources.
Select experience:
  • Successfully blocked municipal landfill from being constructed in peaceful rural community
  • Counsel for multi-city zoning advisory board in North Georgia
  • Represent individual landowners in North Georgia county from illegal zoning action
  • Drafted city ordinance to prevent construction of infectious waste processing facility
  • Advised State of California legislature on legal mechanism to prevent the uncontrolled land-application of sewage sludge
  • Represented over 40 individual landowners in condemnation proceedings for pipeline constructions against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Represented citizens group in successful challenge to a proposed landfill
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